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My first Book - "The Habit"
"Be prepared to read in one sitting!"
Next Book - "The Lottery Killer"
Coming in 2015
"One to save for a good night in"
Book Publicity Limited
"The Habit is quite simply crime fiction
at it's best."

The Phoenix Book Review


"The Habit"

Roger Hamilton is a bond broker at Kaplan Stewart International where he runs the UK GILT desk. His best friend is Detective Sergeant Frank Henson who is investigating a series of rape cases in West London. They socialise on a regular basis, drinking in many of Londonís trendy bars and clubs. Frank soon discovers that all the rapes are linked and he begins the search for one of Londonís most prolific serial rapists of all time. He soon realises that the prime suspect is a London Taxi driver when three of the victims are raped in the back of one of Londonís famous black taxis.

Roger is drawn into the fray when his sister, Penelope is brutally raped by her taxi driver whilst travelling home from Paddington Station. The rapist has an uncanny way of keeping a step ahead of the police and is determined to become the most famous serial rapist ever by beating Dan Crosbyís record. Heís even kind enough to document his work in the form of a wall collage in his flat, so that the police will have all the proof necessary. But he will only allow himself to be caught on his terms and when heís ready. Can Frank and Roger catch him before more innocent victims are scarred for life? As their hunt brings them closer to their prey, neither of them can imagine the horrific truth they are about to discover.


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