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My first Book - "The Habit"
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Next Book - "The Lottery Killer"
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"The Lottery Killer"

John Dawson and George Lovechild were brought up on the same estate and drink together in their local pub. John is a painter and George sells kitchen utensils.

John's life is fairly mundane and non-descript. George has a drink problem, gambling habit and huge debts. John spends his life trying to keep George on an even keel.

They each do a line on the Lottery every week and formed a syndicate about 3 years ago. John is in charge and renews the ticket every month. They both know their numbers off by heart. John never checked figuring that they'd never win. George not only checks but watches the draw live on TV convinced each week their numbers will win and end his spiralling debts and miserable life.

George's wishes come true when their numbers do come up. It's a triple rollover and the news reports only one lucky winner. He cannot believe it. 22 million pounds, 11 million pounds each, more then enough to pay his debts off and more.

DCI Bill Collins works at New Scotland Yard and is worried that they have a serial killer on their hands. 3 bodies have been found in different locations around the UK. Each victim was found with a lottery ball in their mouth.

When a 4th victim turns up in Plymouth DCI Collins knows he and his team have got their work cut out. He has no idea why the victims are being killed or how they are chosen and with the clock ticking he has to work fast.

The killer appears to be working to a weird code, but can the killer's code be cracked in time to prevent more murders?


Click below to read the first 4 chapters of The Lottery Killer

Chapter One       Chapter Two

Chapter Three     Chapter Four

I am still writing this book and I hope to have it finished by the autumn of 2015 with a view to getting it published by Christmas 2015.

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